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24 May 2020



Dear Members

Details of restricted play for EBC. Attached are Bowls England Guidelines and the latest message from Bowls England Chair



Following Government and Bowls England advice we are pleased to inform you that the greens will be open for limited use from Monday 1st June.

It is vital that all members follow the rules below in order that social distancing and safety guidelines are adhered to.

Do not go to the club if you are experiencing any coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms or any cold or flu-like symptoms, in particular a cough or a high temperature.

Your safety and health is paramount and you play at your own risk.

Please note that the COVID circumstance is an on-going situation and we will review arrangements as necessary on a regular basis.



1.       Only members who have booked a rink may play.

2.       Six rinks will be available – 3 on the top green, 3 on the bottom green.

3.       Only TWO players may play on each rink.

4.       Members of the same household may play on the same rink

5.       Two members of different households may play on the same rink (subject to social distancing).

6.       NO VISITORS or SPECTATORS are allowed.

7.       There should only be a maximum of 12 members at any one session.

8.       Jacks and mats will be available on each rink. No other equipment will be used.

9.       ONE nominated player only should touch the mat and jack.

10.   Mats and jacks will be sanitised. Follow any notices displayed on the greens.



1.       The Clubhouse will be closed

2.       There will be NO toilet facilities

3.       Please bring your own sanitisers and use before and after the game.

4.       You may use gloves if you wish.



1.       There will be 6 rinks available for each session.

2.       There will be five sessions per day.

a)      10.00 - 11.00

b)      11.30 - 12.30

c)       1.00 – 2.00

d)      2.30 - 3.30

e)      4.00 - 5.00

3.       To make a booking please telephone Mike Dooley ( 01323 461782) between 8.30am and 9.30 am starting on Saturday 30 May. (No email or text please)

4.       Initially, you will only be able to book for a maximum of 2 sessions a week, to ensure that all members have an opportunity to play if they wish.

5.       There is a 30 minute gap between each session to avoid arrivals and departures clashing.

6.       You should arrive at the Club no more than 5 minutes before your designated start time and leave immediately after your finish time.

7.       Please do not congregate or linger for social ‘chit chat’.

8.       Remember the Social Distancing rules

9.       No spectators or visitors are allowed.

Please read the Bowls England guidance which is attached, especially the Players section on page 4

If you have bowls at the Clubhouse, please arrange with Jim Black to retrieve these.

Car Park will still be available for use, subject to usual distancing regulations.

Attachments : Message from the Chair of Bowls England.pdf, bowls_england_covid_19_club_guidance.pdf