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Bowls Disability Challenge - The Result !!

26 Apr 2020

Disability Bowls 2.6 Challenge
Carpet Bowls – Mike & Jill Dooley – Sunday 26 April 2020 – Playing for 2.6 hours

Match Report
The surface was prepared and hoovered for the umpteenth time. Scorecards were arranged and bowls polished.
Alexa  was nominated as match official and umpire but when asked to check the bowls before start of play typically replied ‘ Sorry I’m not sure about that’.
Play started at 9.30 prompt. M romped into an early 3-0 lead but J soon found her form to reply with 2 shots. But M had established his touch and mastered the pace and the pile of the surface. One competitor commented that there had been too much hoovering. After 10 ends M had an 11-4 lead.
Team discussions ensued and it was revealed that the rules would be changed ?? The match would now consist of 7 sets of 10 ends. M narrowly won the second set  7-6.
Considerable gamesmanship occurred with bowls deliberately being pushed under furniture which took extensive efforts to retrieve.
The third set went to J 11 – 4 as representations were made concerning the sun affecting the playing surface but there was flat refusal to close the blinds and curtains.
 J found her form in the fourth and with clever tactical play of a short jack close to the settee leg took the set 11-6.
The fifth set seesawed each way with a mixture of good play and lucky wicks. With some excellent last wood retrieving shots M took the set 9-7
Fatigue was now setting in as the sixth set developed, Play on both sides became erratic, shots were not conceded without a measure and foot faulting was noticed. The set was finally won by M with an ‘emphatic’ 9-8 victory !
The final rubber sped along with some aggressive play from J to win the last set 14-5, the largest margin of the day.
Final Result
Honours were shared with M winning the Trophy 4 sets to 3 and J taking the Medal for the overall shot count 61 to 51
Thank you very much for your support. We had a great time !!